Monday 20 May 2013

Katrina Van Tassel - Coquette or Innocent Lass?

Katrina Van Tassel is the heroine of the classic story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving. He describes her as "a blooming lass of fresh eighteen", but also as "a little of a coquette". When I set about retelling the story as an erotic romance, but of course leaving all of the original text intact, it wasn't too difficult to develop the more erotic side of Katrina's character.

You see, Katrina is a tease. She knows that she is the most desirable young thing in the hollow. After all, she is "universally famed not only for her beauty, but her vast expectations", heiress to the richest farm in the area, and she would also show off "a provokingly short petticoat, to display the prettiest foot and ankle in the country round". It's easy to understand why all the eligible young men in town were hot on her trail.

It is also inevitable that there would be a feud over Katrina's charms, and her hand in marriage. Of course, in order to give the reader a more explicit look into how her suitors hoped to win her favour, I needed to show just how far Katrina was willing to go to make her decision. It was pretty far. Very far in fact. Here's a little excerpt:
“Ichabod, how is it that you have taken so long to suitably woo me?” asked Katrina, once they had reached the other side of the barn, which was set upon a hill behind the Van Tassel residence, and out of sight of her father’s eye.
“Why, my dearest Katrina, I would never want you to believe of me that I should be hasty or uncouth in how I present myself to you. But you must know that your charms are the grandest I have ever encountered in my travels, and there could never be another one of the fairer sex that I could find more pleasing.”
“Those are wondrous words that you speak! How I long to believe them true. But when I am with Brom, his enthusiasm for me extends beyond dainties and doilies. He has manly talents that he shares with me, ones that I never knew existed until but recently, and I wish to be wooed in that manner going forward. Pray tell, do you judge me wicked for wanting such things?”
“Aah, my sweet Katrina, all of God’s creatures are filled with desires for His created pleasures. That you are able to revel in all of your senses indicates to me that you are even more worthy of my suit! I would never judge you or criticise your yearnings, as I hope you will not criticise mine.”
Katrina smiled at him with a most inviting gaze. “Then Ichabod, shall we go to my special hideaway in the barn? There is an area in the loft that I have claimed as my own, and as my father’s gout prevents him walking too far—or climbing ladders—and my mother is too occupied with her household duties, we shall be free to express our true feelings for one another without fear of annoying interruptions.”
Ichabod nodded his head in joyful acquiescence, and gestured for the comely lass to lead the way. He was secretly grateful that another man had broken down the hallowed gates of Katrina’s maidenhood, because in his experience the mere sight of his manhood elicited gasps of fear, and many times a changing of the mind in untried ladies and inexperienced men. Instead, he would have the advantage of comparison between he and Brom, for he was sure no cock in the county could measure up to his glorious offering.

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