Saturday 20 July 2013

Classically Spicy - a Naughty Excerpt From The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This month, I'm going to share a steamy excerpt from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Since it's a menage, and I've discussed the three characters in my last few blogs - so let's bring them all together for a bit of fun, shall we? This scene takes place after they've dealt with all of the obstacles to their path of love - including the bothersome Headless Horseman.

One evening, I made a special request of my two lovers, for I had dreamt of it from the moment I first saw the barn on the hill, and Ichabod told me his tales of Katrina.

“Ichabod, did you bring your whip with you—the one I used on the last night as the Horseman?”

I was clearing the plates from our most enjoyable supper of roast pheasant and corn relish, and Ichabod was on the settee, one hand roaming down the front of Katrina’s bodice, and the other licking his fingers from the candied fruits she had served. He stopped sucking his digits long enough to answer me.

“Why yes, Diedrich, I did. What dirty little activities did you have in mind for tonight?”

Katrina giggled, and as always, I knew our wanton lady was ready for anything.

“I feel somewhat left out,” I lamented, “For I never had the opportunity to try either one of you in the hay loft. Do you think it safe we repair there this night, with your parents out of town?”

Ichabod removed his hand from Katrina’s bosom, and she whimpered. “Oh, my teats were pebbled for you, and now my cunny is wet for you both. Why stop?”

She suckled one of the sticky fingers Ichabod presented her, and he groaned.

“Yes, really, Diedrich. I have no objections to taking our lady right here.”

I approached them both, and leant to kiss each one languorously, hoping to convey that we had the next few days to lazily indulge in all manner of physical delights.

“Yes Ichabod, we shall take Katrina here, there, everywhere we can. But give me the gift of this request tonight, for I was deprived of the doing that which I have only heard tell of.”

I took the hand of each one, and pulled them from the sofa. “I shall bring some cider and a coverlet. Ichabod, wherever your whip is, make sure you have it with you.”

The last of the snow had melted away, and we were just approaching the beginnings of spring. I had waited all of the freezing winter whilst we confined our lovemaking to the cottage near the fire, and I was anxious to finally bring my fantasy to life. Ichabod grabbed his satchel that contained his whip and I knew not what else, and I grabbed the other provisions. Katrina became the temptress by undoing the laces of her outer blouse, and letting it fall open, allowing her bosom to burst out of the inner restraints of her clothing. Then she laughed, and ran up the hill towards the barn, leading the way with her lantern.

At last, I was inside the barn and heading to the hayloft where I had only been once before, and shared but a kiss with the sumptuous lass. My cock was straining so much against my pants, I felt as though I was a young lad, meeting with a hoyden for my first carnal adventure. I grinned at Ichabod as he was about to follow Katrina up the ladder, and was so overcome in my excitement for this moment that I grabbed the back of his neck, turned his face toward me, and shoved my tongue in his candied mouth. I licked around the inside, tasting the sweetness there, and bit his lower lip as I retreated.

“I am famished for you both, and ready to tie this wanton lady up, then use the very whip that brought about the exit of that brute that dared ever to touch her precious flesh.”

Ichabod grabbed the bulge in my pants, and I gasped, so excited that I was at the point of pain. “Yes, Diedrich, we are lucky indeed to have her between us.”

For more naughtiness, pick up your copy HERE

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